Leslie Sutton

Leslie Sutton P.T. R.M.T. is a practicing Physical Therapist since 1981, Massage Therapist since 2001, and SET graduate in 2005.

Leslie graduated P.T. school from Hunter College in New York City.  She worked as a Physical Therapist in Misericordia Hospital, New York; Beth Israel Hospital, Denver; McKee Medical Center-Home Care, Loveland; Spring Creek Health Care, Fort Collins (as Physical Therapy Director); and Columbine Poudre Home Care, Fort Collins.

Leslie added Therapeutic Massage to her skills in 2001.  She was Clinical Supervisor for the Healing Arts Institute for Massage Therapy shortly after graduation.  Leslie continuously enhances her skills through on-going training.

Leslie has worked with thousands of people in hospital, alternative care and home settings.  As a Physical Therapist, Leslie’s focus has always been on the health and healing of the individual.  She has seen, first hand, how effective preventative care is in shortening recovery time, improving quality of life, strengthening self esteem, and preventing recurring injury.

Therapeutic Massage, with it’s focus on care of the total person, stress reduction, muscle balancing, recovery, and mind-body integration, gave Leslie the remaining skills she searched for to provide a total environment for effective healing, postural balance, strengthening and injury prevention.

Leslie Sutton lives in Fort Collins, Colorado and practices in the Northern Colorado area.

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