Bodies in Balance-Bodies in Motion, BIBBIM for short, provides a synthesis of therapeutic techniques to decrease pain, muscle stiffness, tightness, and improve muscular and postural balance.

Owned and operated by Leslie Sutton PT LMT SET, BIBBIM combines leading edge, complementary, and traditional therapy services to provide the most effective therapy session for your unique circumstance.

Payments accepted: cash, checks, Visa and MasterCard. We can provide the paperwork you need to submit to insurance. Gift certificates are always available.

Six keys to a successful treatment

Professionalism: For me it includes everything from maintaining a professional therapist/client relationship, to maintaining an office environment that is supportive of your care, to keeping my skills up-to-date. On average, I attend two to three classes a year.

Individual Attention: I will make that extra effort to customize your client experience to your preferred style of healing.

Repeat Business/Recommendations: Giving the kind of service that brings people back time and time again earns me your recommendation to friends, family, and encourages other health professionals to recommend me to their clients. Referrals are an important part of my business. If you like the care you received let me know and tell your friends and family.

Results: I strive to treat the core cause of a problem, not just the symptoms.

Prevention: The right treatment and the right education for all therapy services to avert further injury.

Differentiation: I will provide a mixture of traditional and complementary alternative techniques that are highly effective at addressing your unique needs.

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